Quality Wireless Radio Remote Control Systems

A leader in design and manufacture of Wireless Radio Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver systems, Hetronic has delivered over 400,000 safe, reliable systems to customers around the world. For over 33 years our customers have come to know and expect the highest level of quality, reliability and performance from Hetronic transmitters.

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Our Transmitter Solutions

We have solutions for virtually every industrial equipment process control, offering both pre-configured “off-the-shelf” or customized to meet specific application requirements. Hetronic’s range of transmitters include BellyPack, Shoulder Harness, One-hand Push Button, Multiple-Frequency Scanning H-Link  and intrinsically safe Ex (Explosion Proof). Professional operators will find a solution for virtually any application from simple to complex, each designed and produced for the highest levels of safety, dependability and efficiency.



Hetronic Explosion Proof (EX) radio remote controls  are designed to exacting industry standards for hazardous or potentially explosion-endangered areas. Each EX transmitter and receiver system is custom engineered to comply with local and international regulatory requirements and are approved to ATEX , IEC EX and NEC. Every Hetronic system is designed and built to be intrinsically safe and will operate in the most challenging environmental and working conditions without fail year after year.

Using our base transmitters, NOVA, GL, GR, Euro and ERGO, we will design and produce built-to-order systems that will withstand shock, ensure safe operation of the intended equipment and are made with the highest grade function switches, levers and joysticks available. Hetronic Ex transmitters and receivers are used world-wide in applications ranging from mining to oil & gas platforms, petrochemical plants, grain elevators and virtually every hazardous environment industry. When customers need the ultimate in safe, efficient and reliable wireless transmitters and receivers to operate equipment and machinery in hazardous environments Hetronic professional radio remote control systems provide the highest value and return-on-investment for intrinsically safe radio remote controls.




Radio remote controls provide a significant upgrade to safety and efficiency for operators of industrial hydraulic, electric and pneumatically controlled equipment. BellyPack wireless radio remote control systems consist of a transmitter carried by the operator attached to his waist or held in two hands and a receiver installed on the equipment to be controlled.

Hetronic BellyPack transmitter solutions are ergonomically designed with an adjustable waist belt for ease-of-use that improves operator safety and reduces operator fatigue. Every Hetronic BellyPack can be custom configured to a specific control application or are available as pre-engineered “off-the-shelf” transmitters. The NOVA and GL BellyPack transmitters operate equipment ranging from simple to complex with multi-functional control. Hetronic will design and and configure a NOVA or GL transmitter to meet your specific industrial application. The NOVA and GL transmitters help improve operational efficiency, lead to greater productivity and improved ROI

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Harness Style Transmitters, although light weight typically require a shoulder harness to ensure operator safety, comfort and to reduce fatigue while on the job site. Each  harness transmitter model, GR or Euro, are custom designed to customer operational specifications. These units have large operator panels designed with plenty of space for multiple controls. The GR and Euro can be configured with an array of joysticks, push buttons, toggle or rotary switches as well as LCD displays to meet our customer’s specific work requirements.

The GR and EURO harness style transmitters are designed to fit a broad list of applications from tunnel-drilling machines to earth moving equipment, tower cranes to material handling, overhead cranes, work platforms, container handling and specialty applications.

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Hetronic offers a complete line of One-hand Button style Radio Remote Controls that control a variety of industrial equipment and machinery. From simple to more complex operations, the ERGO, POCKET, MINI, TG and Handheld (HH) series transmitters provide customers with economical and highly reliable process control solutions. Each push button or toggle switch transmitter is designed in an IP65 (NEMA 4) polycarbonite case that provides protection in virtually any weather or operating condition. Designed for outdoor or indoor use, the Hetronic One-hand button style controls provide rugged yet economical control for a wide range of applications.

The MINI transmitter is small but powerful, designed for markets that require a limited number of digital functions. The POCKET series will serve the basic function market of professional radio remote controls. Engineered to control a limited number of digital functions with enhanced safety and reliability. The TG series transmitters were designed in the familiar pendant-control look and feel, offering lightweight, dual-speed push buttons that fit perfectly in steel mills or on a construction site. The ERGO series transmitters are world-class hand-held push-button wireless remotes that incorporate an integrated display, user programming, up to three-speed operation and a rugged IP65 designed case. The HH series was designed to serve the short-range market for professional radio remote controls. Offering a “pistol-grip” design for easy one-hand operation and with a variety of control options from toggle switches to push-buttons the HH can operate for up to 500 hours without a battery change.

For applications ranging from Overhead Cranes to hoists and winches, from conveyor systems to hook loaders, concrete mixers to tow trucks or tailgates, the One-hand button transmitter controls from Hetronic will fit your needs. For more information visit our product pages or contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your specific application.




• Ergo F MFSHL • Ergo MFSHL • Pocket MFSHL • HH MFSHL

Hetronic exclusive Multiple-Frequency Sharing H-Link (MFSHL) technology has been developed for automatic frequency management and user configuration of control settings. The Multiple Frequency Sharing (MFS) technology enables up to 20 transmitters to be operated in close proximity while sharing the same frequency. H-Link (HL) is an intuitive and user-friendly hardware and software solution that operates with a PC and H-Link Dongle USB attached. H Link provides customers the ability to change or customize their system settings and parameters at a distance and on the fly.

Hetronic offers a number of its short range transmitters with MFSHL capability including the ERGO MFSHL, ERGO F MFSHL, Pocket MFSHL and the HH MFSHL.



HETRONIC Handheld (HH) transmitters are designed for applications where a limited number of digital functions are required without sacrificing safety or reliability. A workhorse, the HH housing is rugged yet compact and is available in several standard control configurations. The “pistol grip” design allows the operator to be within thumbs reach of durable toggles or membrane switches that are factory configurable.

Designed to excel in the short range market, the HETRONIC HH series controls a limited number of digital functions without sacrificing safety or reliability. The HH  is a straightforward workhorse offering the benefits of proven reliability, high quality and competitive pricing. All HH  transmitters are powered by 2 AA batteries, allowing for up to 500 hours of operation. The pistol grip design is designed for comfortable and easy one-hand operation.


Nova Vid 200


The new NOVA NG 4.3 Transmitter with Video Feedback (VF) features a 4.3″ color TFT display that can display real-time video as well as a wide range of data and icon information dependent on the customer required Graphic User Interface (GUI). The GUI can be custom designed to customer requirements by Hetronic or by our customers.

The NOVA NG 4.3 VF also offers a wide range of control options from joysticks, paddle levers, switches, push buttons and E-STOP that are configurable to customer specific needs..