HETRONIC understands the needs of Material Handling operators. Our TG transmitters are designed as multi-function, rugged and highly reliable process control solutions for material handling operations. The TG design allows for one-hand wireless operation with configurable, easy-to-use controls and provides the operator with familiar pendant-control feel.

Featuring dual-speed push buttons a prominent STOP and Key-Switch, the TG is ideal for harsh environment applications. Additional buttons or auxiliary functions can be integrated into the TG upon request. Whether your application is in a steel mill or industrial manufacturing environment Hetronic offers standard TG configurations or will customize a solution to fit your needs.

DIMENSIONS: H 255MM (10″) X W 88MM (3.5″) X D 58MM (2.3″)



  • Designed with Pendant feel
  • Rugged IP65 housing
  • Range from 70m to 100m
  • Configurable dual or single detent function push buttons
  • Active or Passive STOP button
  • Parity & Checksum for additional Safety
  • 20 hours continuous operation