Hetronic offers an array of battery packs including two (2) or three (3) AA battery packs. Rechargeable batteries include Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer and NiMH battery packs that provide improved operation time, longer life and greater efficiency.


Hetronic’s new line of rechargeable Lithium battery packs includes the 3.2Ah flat-pack for our NEW ERGO120, 14 button Hand-held Transmitter for Crane, Hoist, Mobile Hydraulic and Material Handling applications and the New long lasting, high performance 9Ah Lithium Ion Polymer Battery Pack for the NEW NOVA 4.3 with our crystal clearTFT Color display for feedback and streaming video. . The 9Ah lithium ion battery provides longer life and greater efficiency.


  • 9Ah for the NOVA XL4.3 transmitters
  • 3.2Ah for the ERGO 120 transmitter
  • Longer battery life
  • Longer continuous operation time


Hetronic offers chargers that are capable of charging NiMH, 3.2Ah and 9Ah Lithium Ion battery packs.

For more information contact an Hetronic technical expert who can help you select the right charger for your battery pack.