About Hetronic

From concept to production and after sales support Hetronic provides customised radio remote control system solutions unique to the requirements for your specific application.

As we understand the specifics of each customer application we are able to develop custom control systems that are intrinsically safe, high performance and ruggedly reliable.

Hetronic, a Methode Electronics company, has produced over 400,000 Industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems over the past 30 years for a wide variety of applications. We deliver world class service through a global support network in over 40 countries.

In a rapidly changing industrial market, Hetronic continues to be a leader in development and implementation of new technology for transmit and receive systems. We have introduced patented User Interface (UI) technology for controls, touch and video technology while improving reliability and range using enhanced components and techniques.

Technological improvements in redundant safety systems, proportionality control and greater accuracy offer customers a control system with increased efficiency, productivity and safety.

Quality Construction and Exceptional Performance

In your industry machinery downtime means dollars lost! To ensure that our customers receive the best in quality and reliability Hetronic subjects each system to comprehensive quality and function testing prior to delivery.

Hetronic uses only the most durable product components. Our facilities are ISO approved and every unit is inspected and tested prior to shipment. Finally, we go above and beyond by pulling random units during production and subjecting them to a rigorous battery of quality assurance tests.

Every model in our product line is engineered using advanced technology for continued exceptional performance and the utmost in safety. Our commitment to proven field results aligned with sound business practices continues to ensure Hetronic products as world class.

Every aspect of Hetronic RRCs is built to the highest standard for flawless, uninterrupted performance. From the use of impact resistant housing materials to ergonomic design and rugged components, Hetronic RRCs are field tested to be durable.

Hetronic is committed to providing RRC products which meet the requirements of local and international industry standards and exceed our customers expectations.